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I cannot remember in what year the Club kicked off formally but it was a good few years ago – sometime during 2002, if I remember correctly. (Those were the halcyon days!)

It started when I bought my first MX-5 (and which I later managed to write off) and thought it would be a good idea to start a Club. After some enquiries, I got in touch with Michelle Sephton who had been involved in the Gauteng MX-5 Club and who had recently moved to the Cape.

Over lunch at Doodles we put together the plans to start a Club in the Cape – the Club was to be called the “Mazda MX-5 Classic Car Club of the Western Cape”.

Shortly after that André and Pat Krige from Somerset West joined the Club and we had our first meet at Limnos Bakery and then took a run out to The Riverside in Franschhoek. It was a dreadful day, pouring with rain. Midway we were joined en route by Steve and Jill (?)  It turned out to be a real fun day as the Chef of The Riverside was having her farewell party and man, was that place rocking!

Early runs included a few non MX-5’s: Alex and Maureen Paterson were there in their Dart and Billy and Diane Young were there in their exquisite Volkswagen Caracal. Billy has unfortunately passed on and the Caracal now belongs to Bernie Koch, who is restoring it. Note that this is one of only two such cars in South Africa.

Michelle and André (not Krige) have relocated to Oudtshoorn so we don’t see them anymore. (André Krige regrettably suffered a serious stroke and left the Club)

The Club grew in leaps and bounds and we became more formal, with a proper Constitution, AGM’s, everything. Our first formal Constitution was signed on the 30th July 2006 by Michelle Sephton (Chairlady); Alex Paterson (Secretary) and Julian Seymour (Treasurer)

New members joined (whilst some left) leading to the large, enthusiastic membership that we enjoy today.

This, as I recall it, is a brief history of the birth of the Western Cape’s MX-5 Club which has now grown into the biggest and most active MX-5 Club in the country.

Stay Safe!

Steve Ashton (Hon. Life Member)