This list will be updated as details of events are finalised and new events are added. Members are advised to refer to the list from time to time.

• For full info (including full 2019 events calendar) and event-updates regarding Killarney Raceway, please visit their website  

• For all regular Club events, please contact the club at ( ) directly.

• Owners/Managers of good eateries/wine estates/”interesting places to visit”/etc who would like to suggest or host an event for the Club, are cordially invited to contact : Keith Dexter at

• Club Members are at all times encouraged to contact the Club with suggestions. Simply call Keith Dexter. It’s easy to find him – simply look out for a statuesque beauty. That’ll be Mrs Dexter. The moustachioed leprechaun standing next to her will be our Keith.  

January 20: Our AGM! By popular demand, it will again be held at the L’Auberge Restaurant in the Helderberg. This is every Member’s chance to have a say in the running of our Club – Members are thus urged to make a special effort to attend.

February 24: Gerald and Jocelyn Poswell: It’s time for a trip over Chapman’s Peak with champers at the look-out point again! As always, the Club will pay the toll fees for Members’ cars and our trip will culminate with lunch at the ever-popular Café Roux.  

March 24: (Please note – this is the second-last Sunday of March) Piet & Marna van Deventer: neem ons op ‘n lekker lang rit oor du Toit’s Kloof Pas (ons sal nog besluit – langpad om die pas of kortpad deur die tonnel) na Nuy on the Hill naby Worcester.

April 28: Bradley Roe.

May 26: Alan Collingridge and Hillary Smith.

June 17 OR 30: (Please note – the exact date will depend on the moon. Seriously.) Raymond & Loraine Laing. (This is starting to sound spooky …………)

July 28: Rod Manson & Charmaine Jackson.

August 25: Dave & Glenda Watling.  

September 22: (Please note – this is the second-last Sunday of September) Bob & Desiré Tose.

October 27: Derrill & Barbara Papendorf.

November 24: Keith & Christine Clark.

December: No date yet has been fixed for December. However: should there be any Members who would like to get together for a last 2019 outing, simply let Keith Dexter know – Uys van Zÿl is “on call” and will be happy to arrange something for us.

January 2020: Again, this is usually a month that we give ourselves – and our wallets – time to recover from the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. However – see the comment under December above and get in touch with Keith!

February 23 2020: It’s AGM time again!  


January 19: Track day.
February 9: Passion for Speed event.
February 23: Power series Round #1.

March 2: Drag Racing Round #1.
March 16: Power Series Round #2.
March 30: Drag Racing Round #2.

April 13: Power Series Round #3.
April 27: Drag Racing Round #3.

May 4: Track day.
May 11: Extreme Racing event.
May 25: Drag Racing Round #4.

June 8: Power Series Round #4.
June 15: Drag Racing Round #5.
June 22: Track day.

July 6: Power Series Round #5.
July 20: Drag Racing Round #6.
July 27: Track day.

August 10: Power Series Round #6.
August 17: Track Day.
August 24: Drag Racing Round #7.

September 7: Power Series Round #7.
September 14: Track day.
September 28: Extreme Racing event.

October 5: Drag Racing Round #8.
October 19: Power Series Round #8.
October 27: (NB!! It’s a Sunday event!) Killarney Motor Show.

November 9 and 10: International WRX.
November 30: Power Series Final Round.

December 7: Track day. (Last one for the year!)
December 14: 9 Hour Motorcycle Enduro.
December 28 (or 29, depending on the weather): Street Fest, including Drag Racing Final Round.


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