This list will be updated as details of events are finalised and new events are added. Members are advised to refer to the list from time to time.

• This list is still being compiled and will be published here as soon as it is available in January 2018.

• For full info (including full 2018 events calendar) and event-updates regarding Killarney Raceway, please visit their website  

• For all regular Club events, please contact the club at ( ) directly.

• Owners/Managers of good eateries/wine estates/”interesting places to visit”/etc who would like to suggest or host an event for the Club, are cordially invited to contact : Dr Uys van Zÿl at

• Club Members are at all times encouraged to contact the Club with suggestions. Simply call Dr Uys van Zÿl. He’s that friendly chap with the sticker in the rear window of his Porsche that proudly proclaims “MY OTHER CAR IS A MAZDA MX-5!

January 28: Uys van Zÿl is taking us to the Postcard Café in the Jonkershoek Valley for breakfast. Only limited numbers can be accommodated!

February 10 to 11: It’s the George Old Car Show and Members wishing to attend and/or display their MX-5’s are requested to contact Uys van Zÿl directly at

February 25: Vic and Carol Els: with it still being summer and with the ever-growing popularity of breakfast runs, Vic and Carol are taking us to the popular Backsberg Estate for breakfast. Expect a special menu and a special price for Members!

March 25: Bernie and Joanita Koch are taking us on the first long-ish drive of the year: we are visiting Louis and Desiree Steyn’s very popular One Wine Bar and Bistro in picturesque Riebeek Casteel.

April 1: Roger Röbeck’s first motoring memorabilia inspired “flea market” at Killarney Raceway held undercover in New Pits area.

April 29: MAIN EVENT: Reece and Natalie Milne are taking us brewery crawling. Bring your own “regmakers”!

April 29: It’s the Knysna Motor Show and Members wishing to attend and/or display their MX-5’s should contact Uys van Zÿl directly at

May 27 (?): To be confirmed.

June 24: Barry and Di Morris.

July 29: Richard and Hazel Carolin.

August 26: Gerald and Jocelyn Poswell.

September 30: Paul Burger and Soné Mouton.

October 28: Uys van Zÿl. Lots of fun and enjoyment - plus good eats! - with Pieter-Dirk Uys at Evita se Perron in Darling!

November 25: Keith and Fiona Dexter.

December : It’s AGM time again! Members are invited to forward suggestions for a suitable date and venue direct to Uys van Zÿl at But make it A.S.A.P. please - suitable venues are usually booked well before December.

January 13: Street Car Track Day.

February 3: Passion for Speed event.
February 17: Power Series. (Round 1)

March 3: Drag Racing.
March 10: Power Series. (Round 2)
March 24: Super GP. (Motorcycles)

April 7: Drag Racing.
April 14: Street Car Track Day.
April 21: Extreme Festival. (National Event)

May 19: Power Series. (Round 3) (Includes Killarney 4 hour Enduro)
May 26: Street Car Track Day.

June 2: Drag Racing.
June 9: Power Series. (Round 4)
June 23: Street Car Track Day.

July 14: Power Series (Round 5)
July 21: Drag Racing.
July 28: Street Car Track Day.

August 4: Rally Cross and Drifting.
Thursday August 9: (National Women’s Day) Power Series. (Round 6)  
August 11: Street Car Track Day.
August 18: Drag Racing.

September 1: Power Series (Round 7)
September 8: Drag Racing.
September 15: Extreme Festival (National Event)

October 6: Street Car Track Day.
October 13: Drag Racing.
October 20: Power Series (Round 8)

November 4: Killarney Motor Show.
November 24 and 25: FIA WRX - International Event.

December 1: SA Historic Grand Prix.
December 8: Street Car Track Day.
December 15: 8 Hour Motorcycle Enduro.


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