Some Background:

The club was started in 2002/3 when a few Mazda MX-5 owners, who regularly got together socially, decided to ‘formalise’ things by establishing a duly constituted club. Originally called the “Mazda MX-5 Classic Car Owner’s Club”, it consisted of a small band of enthusiasts bent on getting the best out of their cars.

A proper Constitution was drawn and accepted and the club was born. originally, the club was incorporated into the MX-5 owner’s club of South Africa, but the Western Cape members soon chose to be independent.

Current Status:

Today, the club is a well- organized and functioning independent entity. it draws its members from all walks of life ranging from doctors to engineers; accountants to lawyers – the single binding factor is a passion and enthusiasm for the MX-5, which is our main criterion.  Recently the club opened its membership to all MX-5 enthusiasts, non-owners included, who want to be part of this camaraderie.

Monthly Happenings:

We meet once/twice per month – usually on the last Sunday of the month - and go on organized runs that take us through some stunning cape countryside. These runs then end at a good restaurant (or wine estate!) for lunch. The odd picnic run as well as a good old braai still tend to be of the more popular events on the club’s calendar.
Currently, the club sponsors the AGM luncheon for all members in good-standing.

How to Join:

• a copy of our constitution can be found on this site: please peruse this.
• a membership application is also on this site: complete this in full and pay the membership fees as indicated on the top right-hand corner of the form. nb: please use your name & surname as payment reference.
• e-mail (or fax) the completed form as well as proof of payment to our treasurer, ( or, simply bring this along to our next meeting. (details of this can be obtained from me)

It’s as Easy as That!

if you would like to join us on a ‘trial’ run, you are most welcome – simply contact me for details!
i look forward to welcoming you as a fully-fledged member of our merry gang of enthusiasts soon!

Dr Uys van Zÿl | Secretary

Thanks for Visiting Our Web-site!

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